Due to a high number of applications our mailbox quota exceeded its limit. This has now been resolved. We have thus extended the application period until Friday 02.03.2018 5PM.

In case you received a “mail delivery failure” email, please resend your application and the supporting documents to us again.

If you haven’t received a “mail delivery failure” email, everything is fine and your application has been received. You don’t need to resend it.


The Foundation for Pluralism is a politically independent Foundation dedicated to supporting and promoting pluralism and the diversity of values in Finnish society. Increasing tolerance, cultural diversity and ethical pluralism is in itself necessary, and also of key importance in ensuring Finland’s future success and competitiveness.

Finland has an international history. Through the ages we have received influences from our neighbouring cultures to the East and the West, and from further abroad. The country we now inhabit was born from that multicultural history. It is important to ensure that this positive development continues.

We support organisations and individuals working to promote diversity and value pluralism in Finland.